La Casa di Nanni

“la casa di nanni”
A short successfull story

La Casa di Nanni is the house where I live. It is also a trademark I created to sell my own olive oil as well as the one coming from the olive trees of my “biologically certified” neighbours. The olives come exclusively from the area where
La casa di Nanni was born. (By the way, Nanni is the way I used to call my wife when she was my girlfriend at University….) When I went back to Italy, after a few years in Belgium, I started producing and selling olive oil. It was a passion before being a business and was my preferred activity beside my main profession. My core business was -and remains – teaching farmers to clean their soil from conventional pesticides and various chemicals and how to grow biological products. This is rather common in Abruzzo because two third of this region is natural park, wild and protected by law. No intensive farming methods are allowed here, only extensive, eco-compatible enterprises are allowed to set up in protected areas. Therefore, going-to-bio is a natural development for a large deal of small and medium farmers. By doing this job, I get in contact with local producers of biological products, small familiar enterprices who produce or trasform agricultural products  on a limited scale. For them it is often difficult to get known abroad and sell their products , therefore  I help them to create a market or I propose directly their products to  my clients. That’s why, you may see on my sale events or on my website products other than the olive oil (tomatoe sauces , wine, preserved vegetables and so on.) But my first love remains La casa di Nanni, my first trademark which I always love and actively support.

Faithfully yours
Alessandro Bucciarelli